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#Autography – 7 Photography

#Autography – Guy Veloso

From: 7 Fotografia (português – clique aqui)

We asked for a short break in this beautiful moment of protest and demonstrations we went through in our country in order to share with you another beautiful #Autography, at this time, we are glad to introduce the Brazilian photographer Guy Veloso. Well-known for his work on faith, popular cultures and religion, Guy is currently working on the documental project called “Penitents: from the blood rites to the end of the world”, started in 2012, curated by Rosely Nakagawa, where he took pictures – until April, 2012 – a whole of 131 lay religious secrecy groups, also known as “feeders of soul”, most of them, never before documented.

1. What do you capture in your lenses?

With photography I learned to spend the day framing life as it goes. Choosing details with eyes; getting attention. Thus, I “photograph” much more without a camera. Far from being an exercise, something mandatory, this has been incorporated to my way of being.

Guy Veloso fotografia documental documentary photography

Foto 1 – New Year ’s Eve. Florianópolis – SC. Diapositive, 2010.

2. What do you like to photograph?

Brazilian popular religiosity. Traditions not so known by the general public, many of them held in distant places and in the process of dying out.

fotografia documentary photography

Foto 2 – Day of the Counselor Festivity. Religious Society Sunrise Vale do Amanhacer, Planaltina – DF. Digital, 2013.

fotografia documenta;

Foto 3 – Procession of Madeiro, barefoot young people in the procession of Easter. Nossa Senhora das Dores – Sergipe, 2002. Silver gelatin print.

Guy Veloso was born and works in Belém – PA. Shooting since 1989, he has works in the collections of the University of Essex Collection of Art from Latin America ( SCALE ), Colchester – England; National Photography Collection , Portuguese Center for Photography, Porto- Portugal; Pirelli / MASP , Joaquim Paiva / MAM RJ and MAM – SP. Took part of the 29th São Paulo Biennial, 2010. Curator in the XXIII Europalia Arts Festival Bienal in Brussels-Belgium of Brazilian Contemporary Photography folder (along with Rosely Nakagawa). At the invitation of the curators Agnaldo Farias and Moacir dos Anjos, “Penitents” participate in the 29th International Art Biennale of São Paulo, 2010. In 2011 took part of the exhibition”GENERATION 00 – The New Brazilian Photography”, organized by Eder Chiodetto. In 2012 he got cataloged in the book that covers 170 years of photography in the country, “A look over Brazil: The Photography in the Nation Image Construction ” by Boris Kossoy and Lilia Moritz Schwarcz.

English version: Marcio Rolin.



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