Posted by: guyveloso | 5 de September de 2013

Círio de Nazaré, Belém-PA (Amazon)

Círio de Nazare. Belem-PA. Negativo.

Guy Veloso. Círio de Nazaré, Belém-PA, 2004, Negativo pb.

Círio de Nazaré takes place every year in Belém (Brazil) since 1793. It is a procession gathering 2.2 million people (!). A string of 800-meter is tied to the litter which takes the image of Nossa Senhora de Nazaré by 3.5 km. 15 000 people get really close to get a place and hold the rope, which is a proof of sacrifice and faith in even more intense heat of the Amazon. 2004, gelatin silver print.